Quality beginner and intermediate level web development tutorials

Installing Image Magick 6.9.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

Learn how to install Image Magick 6.9.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.

CSS Fluid Columns Fixed Spacing

Learn a clever CSS technique to create fluid columns with fixed spacing inbetween.

Deploying Rails Applications with Capistrano from Windows

Learn how to deploy a Rails application on Windows using Capistrano.

Rails Development Environment on Windows 8.1

Learn how to get Rails 4 with MySQL running on a windows 8.1 machine.

The Jekyll Beginners Guide

Learn the basics to the Jekyll static site generator and create your first blog.

CSS3 Slide Toggle Menu

Learn to create a slide toggle menu using CSS3 and vanilla JavaScript.

Easy Click Article Index

Learn to create a trendy article index that comes to life on hover using HTML and CSS.

Speeding Up Your Website 101

Tips and tricks to get your webpages load speed on track.

Beginners Guide to Grunt JS

Learn about Grunt JS and create your very first grunt file.

Social Media Icons using an SVG Sprite

Learn to add semantic social media icons to your website using an svg sprite and image replacement

SVG+CSS Icon Buttons with PNG Fallbacks

Learn to create icon buttons using base64 encoded svg's with png fallbacks.

Migrating to Ubuntu as a Designer and Developer

Helpful softwares and thoughts for designers and developers migrating Ubuntu.